Intelligent Identification of Sample and Reagent Barcode

Liquid level detection, pipettor prob clot alert, aspiration failure alert | Real-time monitoring and alert of reagent remaining amount | Intelligent detection, replenishment and alert of cleaning solution


Constant at 120 T/h


Smallest Side
Size ≤ 0.2 Cubic Meter


Reagent Positions
Anytime Replacement

+ 5min

First Result Time
Reaction Time + 5min

Smart system


Model SMART 500H, SMART 500S Throughput Constant speed at 120 tests/hour
Detection Principle Enzymatic chemiluminescence detection system, direct chemiluminescence detection system Reagent Position 15, anytime replacement, with refrigeration function
Sample Position 24, anytime replacement Reaction Vessel 130, anytime replenishment
STAT Test Anytime STAT test Correlation Coefficient ≥0.999
Precision CV≤3% Incubation Temperature Control Accuracy 37℃±0.5℃
Dispensing Accuracy CV≤1% Carry-over 1.0ppm
Dark Count Rate ≤100RLU/s Sample Volume Requirement
Weight 89kg Dimesions 500×666×668(mm)

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