Support Throughout Product Life Cycle

Keylights's competence in structural design, automatic control, software development, manufacture engineering, production management, and product registration ensures comprehensive support through the product life cycle. The complete life cycle simulations of the products are conducted through different tests and simulation experiments, which including force analysis, optical analysis, magnetic field analysis, fluid mechanics analysis, thermodynamic analysis, etc.

Customized Research and Design

Appearance design, operation software, reagent carousel, reagent cartridge, detection module...

Professional Manufacture

More than 30 fully automatic production equipment

YAMAHA SMT assembly system, circuit board production line, high low alternating temperature humidity test chamber, cable shield braid brushing and twisting machine, automatic wire conveyor... Various automatic production equipments are equipped to maximize the efficiency and guarantee the consistency of equipment production.

Nearly 250 production and inspection equipment

100+ special test instruments, 50+ self-made inspection platforms, as well as various special tools are used for production, leaving no detail to spare.

Butler-Style Service

The service system adopts the concept of full-time butler service. A dedicated personnel will be assigned to follow up from pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale, combined with a nationwide service network, provides 24/7 service support, and achieve a closed-loop & full-process service.

Online remote service platform

Instruments are bound with engineers through WeChat, by which real-time instrument operation alerts and exceptions can be received, allowing them to respond to users at the fastest speed to provide services. At the same time, Keylights has a mighty online service platform, which can navigate users through the service process.

Nearly 50 sets of service-supporting documents

Documents covering standard training, service & maintenance, operation, assessment specifications, etc., as well as complete training and operation guidance, together with maintenance toolkits are provided to support the after-sales service.

Daily analysis of user feedback

With the customer-centered brand management concept, all user feedbacks are summarized and analyzed every day in order to respond to user requirments as quickly as possible. As a professional supplier of equipment, Keylights always adheres to the concept of bidirectional matching. with the professional understanding of instruments, Keylights can help the reagent manufactures to make the most efficient assay process.

Smart Data Management

With the matured 5G technology and intelligence of IoT, Keylights can help with instrument status and usage monitoring, provide remote service, and generate the usage report.

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