Convenient Operation, Friendly Interface

With embeded touch operation system and sensitive touch-screen | Simple interface, convenient operation, no extra computer needed | Various display area, clear functional division display


Staining Flushing Times


Stain Sedimentation Accuracy
High Consistency


Staining Throughput
Task Number Customizable


Sample Throughput
Each Group Can Work Independently

Smart system


Model Avery 024 Staining Efficiency 24-sample positions / 40 min, stain dilution of 3 times
Staining Throughput 24, supports any number of tasks range from 1 to 24 Sample Aspiration Efficiency 12 samples / 3 min
Sample Throughput 12, 3 groups × 4 positions , each group can work independently Stain Sedimentation Accuracy <10s, with high consistency
Color Display Mode 3 factory preseted colors including light, medium and dark, supports customized color display mode Staining Fushing Times Supports customized times from 0 to 3
Operation Mode Coverslipper staining, independent coverslipper making (sample dispensing), independent staining, sedimentation staining Application With validated reagents, various cytological examination of specimens are supported
Weight 78 kg Dimensions 900×700×630(mm)

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