Super Convenient, Super Fast, Fully Automatic, Highly Precise

Embedded in biosafety cabinet, and no exclusive new laboratory room needed. | Processing 13000 samples a day | Automatic tube decapping opening, sample pipetting and tude recapping | 200μL pipetting deviation ≤2%


Sample Tube


550 Samples/h


Microwell Plate Position
Various Microwell Plate Models


Mechanical Gripper
X-Y-Z Axis Accuracy

Smart system


Model Alpha 500 Sample Pipetting System Throughput 550 sample tubes/h,13s/sample tube
Cover Opening Number 2 Barcode Reading Both linear barcode and 2D barcode
Sample Capacity 1 groups × 96 positions Sampling Mode Automatic sample processing
Pipettor Quantity 2 Pipetting Volume 10μL-1000μL
Barcode Scanning Positions 2 Microwell Plate Type 96 positions
Mechanical Gripper Location Accuracy X-Y-Z location, ±0.1mm Pipetting Precision 10μL<5%;100μL<2%;1000μL<1%
Sample Tube Type Perfectly compatible with 5mL-30mL sample tubes Liquid Level Detection Pneumatic liquid level detection
Dimensions 1250×933×1300(mm) Dimensions of Parts Embedded in Biosafety Cabinet 1250×521×496(mm)

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