Comprehensive, Intelligent, Simple and Accurate

Support all POCT tests with test cassettes | Automatic detection | Easy operation with user-friendly interface | Precise control of instrument status to ensure high detection precision

Up to 20

Incubation Capacity
Customizable Heating Function


Test Cassette Rack Capacity
Complementary Reusable Cassette Box, Optional Disposable Magazine-type Box


Reapeatability of the Standard Cassette

Whole Blood Mixing

Optional Module
Supports Original Collection Tube

Smart system


KCARD 100 Throughput i1-step assay at 120T/h
Detection Principle Immunofluorescence Cassette Reagent Box Positions Up to 5, customizable to fit the test cassette
Sample Capacity 30 positions Dilution Positions 96 microplates, online dilution with 3 diluents
Reagent Cassette Channels 4~5, customizable Test Cassette Rack Capacity
30~50, complementary reusable cassette box, optional disposable magazine-type box
Incubation Capacity Up to 20, customizable heating function STAT Assay At anytime
Correlation Coefficient R2≥0.99 Carry-over 10-5
Weight 70kg Dimensions 765×470×510(mm)

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